Modular System

Modular System

The Fidlock modular system means greater compatibility and flexibility in our product line. See why we created the modular system, and learn why it makes the most sense for you to take advantage of.

When FIDLOCK set out to redesign water bottles on bikes, one very intuitive idea stuck: the modular system. This system ensures all-time compatibility for FIDLOCK products.

It seems that this day and age, we are bombarded with compatibility problems. If you buy a new computer, you have to buy 10 different dongles or adaptors to make it work with your existing hardware. Or you may get a new phone and see that it doesn't work with any of your previous chargers.

At FIDLOCK, we designed a base and connector that will be compatible with any FIDLOCK Module you connect to it, now and in the future. It simply made sense.

Apart from future-proofing our product so that every purchase you make will fit our system, it allows you to own multiple setups for multiple occasions. This gives you unprecedented flexibility. Going on a quick ride, and haven't had time to grab a snack? Use our TWIST uni connector to strap on a snack and pair it with our TWIST 600 bottle to keep hydrated on your ride. Going for a longer ride, and need a bit of extra hydration. Slap on two TWIST 600 bottles, and carry some food in our PUSh 600 bag. Mix and match based on your occasion.

Feel free to browse our products and see what kind of combinations you may want for your next ride.