TWIST bottle 590 + bike base
TWIST bottle 590 + bike base
TWIST bottle 590 + bike base
TWIST bottle 590 + bike base
TWIST bottle 590 + bike base
TWIST bottle 590 + bike base
TWIST bottle 590 + bike base
TWIST bottle 590 + bike base
TWIST bottle 590 + bike base

TWIST bottle 590 + bike base

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590 ml/ 19.95 fl oz bottle for magnetic-mechanical bottle mounting system

The new TWIST bottle 590 now comes in a new design with an improved connection technology that provides a strong hold on every ride. The ergonomic design is compatible with bigger frames that makes snapping the bottle to and from the TWIST base even easier. 

The new bottle cap has a high flow valve that is self-sealing and leakproof. It comes with an optional dirt cover, so the mouthpiece stays clean out on the trail. 

The TWIST bottle 590 is still compatible with all TWIST bases and the connector so upgrading your bottle can be easy at all times. 

The TWIST 590 fits .25" lower than the previous TWIST 600 bottle and may cause clearance issues on tight frames.

Includes the TWIST bike base for mounting to the standard braze-ons.

Want to know how it will fit on your bike? Use our bottle fit template to find out!

        - New ergonomic design for a more intuitive snapping on and off TWIST base
        - New connection technology for a strong hold without the Gravity Kit
        - New leak-proof, self-sealing bottle cap with a high water flow valve plus an optional dirt cover
        Improved squeeze due to a soft, BPA-free polyethylene
        - 590 ml / 19.95 fl oz volume with rounded edges offers a bigger frame compatibility
        - Available Colors: Transparent black, clear
        - Dishwasher-safe
        - Fits all TWIST bases
        - Base weighs only 16 g / 0.56 oz

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 42 reviews
        Great for female frames

        I originally purchased a larger size for my wife, but it didn't fit her small female frame (just barely didn't fit). This size fits perfectly!

        So glad I got it

        I wanted a bottle I could use for energy drinks, to supplement the water reservoir in my pack. This bottle fit perfectly on my 2018 Rocky Mtn Altitude and it is super easy to remove for a drink and then replace. Doesn't fall off, as tested on some very rocky mtb trails. And, the cover for the nipple keeps it clean; no trail dirt to drink. I don't plan to use the bottle on all rides, and I like the fact that the bracket on the bike is unobtrusive -- no large metal bottle cage. Perfect.

        Good Product, fitting a little bit off

        I bought the 590 bottle and base for my 2021 Small Kona Process 134, prior to purchasing the bottle system I printed out the bottle fit template for the 590 and it fit with room to spare, but when I got the 590 installed and tried to snap in the bottle, it did not fit (granted the frame space is very limited) so I tried a different bottle lid and that just barely fit overall, the bottle system was a good product with misinforming sizing.

        Satisfying 'click'!

        I like longer rides when I have the time and log ~5k miles per year on my road bike. Some rides I have a half-frame bag that makes it difficult to pull a bottle up and out while on the pedals, but Fidlock's design allows for most any angle of approach and can be done without looking. Get close and 'snap'! you're in, and know when you're in and can confidently return your focus to the pedals and the road. Love the squeeze bottle design which is similar to Purist bottles that I own and like. As a roadie, I removed the protective nozzle dust covers for weight and drinking convenience. They'd make sense if you're rolling around on gravel or dirt, so I welcome that consideration. They pop off fairly easily with a pinch and pull, but would easily remain attached on the roughest of roads. The overall aesthetic (and aren't we all a bit sensitive to gear-ppearance) is great and very in line with my bikes look. When ordered, I was a little sensitive to how high off the frame they'd sit with the innovative locking mech, as I have a small frame triangle, and have one bottle on the down tube and one on the seat tube, and stoked to report that they don't interfere with each other. Overall, I'm sold...these are a great addition to my ride.

        Great design

        Great design and bottle

        Secure, Cageless, and Magnetic

        Strong magnets automatically attract different products, center them and snap them into the base.
        The mechanical latch holds the module securely on the frame. This ensures comfortable handling and a firm hold - even under heavy loads.

        With a simple “TWIST”, the TWIST modules are removed from the holder from the side in a clockwise direction.
        In this way, even the particularly narrow and small bicycle frames can be equipped with a bicycle bottle that no other conventional bottle holder fits.

        Drop the competition, not bottles

        Our patented FIDLOCK TWIST system locks on and doesn't release until you want it to. With FIDLOCK, mid-ride hydration is easier than ever.

        Fit more in tight places

        The FIDLOCK TWIST system allows for larger hydration volume in tighter spaces on most frames. If your frame design makes hydration a struggle give FIDLOCK a try and improve your ride.

        Fidlock In The News


        "Most riders will judge Fidlock's twist-action magnetic water bottle mount as a significant improvement over the century-old slide-in bottle design. I used it on two bikes, one with limited clearance, and it was always a pleasure to operate. Aesthetically, Fidlock's system is better looking, and the lack of friction on the bottle keeps it like new. Great solution for any water bottle user - especially for frames with impaired bottle clearance." - Richard Cunningham, Pinkbike



        "Fidlock has seemingly cracked the code on cageless bottle security, there are the usual advantages to the format in general. For travel bikes, the low-profile base makes it easier to stuff an S&S or Ritchey Breakaway bike into an airline-legal case. And for cyclocross, it means you can have a bottle at the ready for training rides or warm-up laps, but then quickly ditch it without having to worry that an empty cage will snag your jersey. Trail riders on full-suspension bikes with limited clearance may find that the Twist allows them to carry more water than usual, too." - James Huang - Cyclingtips


        Enduro MTB

        "The Fidlock-system perfectly combines the advantages of magnetic- and snap-lock systems. Just by placing the bottle close to the frame-mounted bracket, the bottle will basically get sucked in by the holder. A loud clicking noise tells us the bottle is now safely locked in place. The system also seems to withstand rougher terrain and small jumps. The bottle can easily be removed with a twisting motion and put back in place simply by using the bracket’s magnetic attraction, even while riding." - Manne Schmitt, Enduro MTB