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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews

    Good bottle

    Needs updating

    Great system and highly recommended. I have the 20oz and the 15oz. The 20oz has a lot of flex at the attachment due to the length and shape of the bottle. I prefer the smaller bottle mainly because of the fit in the frame and it feels more sturdy. I’m on my second 20oz due to the mount leaking because of the flexing. Fidlock Warranty covered it. Maybe the new Updated larger bottle is what’s needed.

    Lost bottle on 2nd trip

    Picked up the strap-on 600 ml bottle set up and mounted on my top tube. Strap on feature works great and holds the mount securely. I did have to occasionally rotate just a bit to keep the bottle straight. Functionally not a problem but my OCD kicks in when it isn't aligned with the top tube. I was proceeding down a mildly technical singletrack section and looked down and noticed the bottle was gone. I backtracked several miles to find the bottle but alas, it was nowhere to be seen. There is a lot of dense underbrush in the area so not surprised I couldn't find it. Just previous to this I had stopped to take a break and take an drink and replaced the bottle on the mount. I went ahead and ordered another bottle today and will give the system one more chance, as it could have been user error on my part replacing the bottle. If this one gets lost or dropped, I will just chalk it up as a failed experiment.

    The best

    Such an amazing product. All in one fun.

    Bottles and adapter

    Great product for bikes with a small compartment areas for a bottles.