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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    First time using fidlock

    First used took my bike to the chunkiest trail in Cold spring and Tunnel in california. I was so impressed it didnt fall or anything at all. I highly reccomend this bottle and the mount.

    Overall pretty good with a few small flaws

    The bottle works exactly as you would expect it to and has no problems with attaching/detaching. However if you plan to mount it on the inside of a doe tube where the mount is on a slight bend and not completely straight the bottle does tap your frame and make a large amount of excessive noise. Also the bottle has only fallen off my bike once which was when I was going down a steep trail and rammed into a bush. My bike did a flip or two and I would be surprised if the bottle stayed on (was next to me when I got up, did not fly into oblivion, *whew). Also the dust cover works well as a mud cover but it does let in a tiny bit of dust still (granted I am in Cali and it gets pretty dusty out here. Other than that the bottle works flawlessly and is a good upgrade.

    What's not to like?

    The bottle is great, even better than I expected. It's never fallen off and, due to the design, allows me to put a larger bottle in my frame than I otherwise would be able to do. And the mount is sleeker and lighter weight than most other designs.

    590 Rules!!!

    I have been a fan of the Fidlock system for over a year. When the new 590 came out with a better lid, easier to squeeze, and the mudguard is was case closed, signed, sealed, and delivered -- all my old S-bottles to the recycling graveyard...


    The magnetic latch system works well and holds the bottle securely, even at speeds up to 80kph (50mph). Easy to clip bottle on and off. Bottle cap cover is easy to open with one hand. Squeezable bottle with high volume nozzle makes it easy to drink from. Clean, minimalist look for those who don’t want ugly bottle cages spoiling the way their bike looks. Will definitely buy more. Highly recommend