TWIST Bottle 800 + Bike Base
TWIST Bottle 800 + Bike Base
TWIST Bottle 800 + Bike Base
TWIST Bottle 800 + Bike Base
TWIST Bottle 800 + Bike Base
TWIST Bottle 800 + Bike Base

TWIST Bottle 800 + Bike Base

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800 ml bottle for magnetic-mechanical bottle mounting system incl. base

The new TWIST bottle with 800 ml capacity for those extra-long rides. Easy squeezing thanks to soft material and ultra-secure hold thanks to the belt-only technology consisting of a flexible and resistant belt, which is screwed to a special connector. Of course, despite the new technology, the TWIST bottle 800 is still compatible with all TWIST bases.
Equipped with our lid with a self-sealing and leak-proof valve and optional dirt cover.

Want to know how it will fit on your bike? Use our bottle fit template to find out!

    Strong hold thanks to new belt-only technology
    Leak-proof, self-sealing bottle cap with a high water flow valve and optional dirt cover
    Improved squeeze due to a soft, BPA-free polyethylene
    800 ml / 27.05 fl oz volume
    Made in Italy
    Compatible with all TWIST bases
    Not compatible with other TWIST bottle connectors

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 13 reviews
    Almost perfect

    Base was easy to install, and the bottle, itself, is great! Easy to squeeze, and great flow of water. Easy to take off and put back into the mount. Only issue I have is that the cap, which is supposed to keep out dirt and debris, is garbage. I have yet to go for a ride and not have the inside of the cap, and mouth piece, be coated with dirt/dust from the trails. Still like the setup and will continue to use it, but the cap needs to be reworked.

    Clever, durable, effective ~ Fidlock system is a game-changer

    Just hours before starting in my first mountain bike race since I was a teenager, I was stressing. I've been biking singletrack for 35 years and my Camelback has been attached to my body the whole time. But here at the Sea Otter Classic (California) I could see that almost none of the hundreds of racers wore them on course ~ everyone uses frame-mounted water bottles. Cheap bottles are handed out like candy at these events, but I didn't even have a cage on my frame, so I scrambled through the sea of bike equipment tents at the event. Someone strongly advised I visit the Fidlock tent, and I am so grateful.

    The core of the Fidlock system is genius ~ multiple combinations of magnets and attachment mechanisms (multiple clip styles, as well as suction cups) which are unbelievably secure and fast, and completely novel. To appreciate it, understand that the magnet is NOT what is holding your bottle, pack, or phone. The magnet helps align the device and automatically activates the rock solid attachment clip or vacuum suction. It's brilliant, and a visit to their extended German-based website reveals how expansive the potential applications are.

    I'll let the website explain in detail, but all you need to know is that in person it is shocking how well it works ~ and I consider myself an very discerning equipment shopper. Not only does the magnet do a great job of helping you align the bottle to re-attach it, but it gives a very satisfying 'click' to confirm it's secure. Further, the hidden clip mechanism locks the bottle in place so securely that you literally cannot pull it off unless you rotate it clockwise about 15 degrees or so ~ a very easy and natural movement for your right hand while riding.

    Since I was giving up my entire Camelback bladder for the race, I committed to the largest Fidlock bottle (800). It has the signature Fidlock mechanism embedded in the backside, which is very rigid plastic, but the rest of the bottle is a super supple soft plastic that is easy to squeeze and drink from. The bottle comes with a flip-open dust cover for the valve, which makes sense, but since I haven't ridden with a water bottle in decades I was very worried I would be fumbling with it on the singletrack and drop the bottle. The Fidlock rep simply unsnapped it to reveal the valve, and that's how I rode.

    Even better, the valve doesn't require a 'teeth pull' to open ~ it has a pressure valve on the inside, so a solid squeeze releases a flood of water. My only slight reservation about the valve is that it doesn't allow you to suck down the last ounce for some reason. I guess the valve requires some back pressure in addition to your squeeze. No biggie, given all the other incredible advantages of this system.

    On the trail I found the bottle extremely easy to unclip. A simply, modest clockwise snap of the right wrist and it pops right off. It did take me a few minutes to build muscle memory to relocate the magnetic clip, but anyone who used this system ~ or for that matter already uses a cage water bottle ~ will have zero problem having it become automatic.

    For those of you who already use water bottles, keep in mind that since the magnetic clip is on one side of the bottle, you must have the bottle clip facing the frame clip in order to re-attach. Even this only took me a few tries to become easy and obvious.

    And the best and most important news is that this Fidlock system is absolutely locked. I admit that I kinda expected this bottle was going to break loose in the first mile of my race, and therefore without any hydration, I'd likely not even finish the race. But it didn't. Not even close. Even with the heaviest water volume (800). In fact, since I was new to the system, a couple times I grabbed for the bottle without twisting my wrist and it didn't budge even with a firm yank. I am so impressed and happy to report that as hard as I jammed through those 25 singletrack miles, and in all the trails I've ridden over the past couple months since then, this bottle has NEVER come off.

    So not only did I finish my race, I finished with far less weight on my body and less heat on my back. And now that I'm back on my home trails, I'm looking at Fidlock's entire genius product lineup and thinking maybe I never use my beloved pack again!

    Consider this: since the Fidlock frame mount is the same for their bottles and frame packs, you can have one or two Fidlock mount points and choose to configure your bike for two waters, or two packs, or one of each, or neither. If I choose to do a long ride with roadie / gravel friends, maybe I'll double down on the waters and leave my pack at home. If I do an epic backcountry singletrack ride, maybe I carry my water on my Camelbak and use the Fidlock frame mounts and underseat mount for tubes, repair kit, and bandaids.

    I'm also a passionate backcountry iPhone photographer so I'll be looking into the phone mount next. I'll bet it's awesome!

    Thanks so much, Fidlock,...

    Jacob Arensmeier
    Wonderful Water Bottle, very convenient

    I love the convenience of this water bottle, I purchased it the moment I heard they released a larger version. Using this alongside my smaller bottle was the perfect setup, too bad I left it on top of my car and drove away :( water bottles lost forever

    Russell turne
    Great This bottle is what all their bottles should be

    I love the concept. I'm using these on a Tarmac SL7 and love the clean look it has without actual cages. The magnets are strong and keep the bottle tight on the frame. The 800ml bottle is a little smaller than I thought it would be but not a bad size. The bottle is stiff and squeezable. The top is much improved over the 600ml bottle cap. It actually works. I don't really care for the cap that covers the nozzle and will more than likely remove it for my road bike. I think it's more for all the mtbers that use the bottles to keep the dirt and stuff. I would not buy the 600ml bottle again and would buy any of the bottles that have the new style cap.

    Daniel R.
    Awesome for low clearance frames

    I've had a Fidlock before but this is a big upgrade. It barely fits in my Transition Sentinel large frame. The additional capacity means I don't have to carry any more weight on my back and can get by on most rides with just this bottle. The dust cap cover makes a big difference with dust and mud caking the cap.

    The twist off functionality is really good for low space/clearance front triangles. This barely fit with a frame strap & tube/Co2's etc. But it works cleanly and isn't cumbersome like a traditional cage would be. I'm surprised at how well it works for how little space I have.

    The magnetic connection is solid even with this large bottle. I've had a couple crashes, ran through jump lines, the pump track, it hung on no problem and no rattles or noise while riding. It stayed in place while rally driving washboard/potholed dirt roads in Idaho.

    Secure, Cageless, and Magnetic

    Strong magnets automatically attract different products, center them and snap them into the base.
    The mechanical latch holds the module securely on the frame. This ensures comfortable handling and a firm hold - even under heavy loads.

    With a simple “TWIST”, the TWIST modules are removed from the holder from the side in a clockwise direction.
    In this way, even the particularly narrow and small bicycle frames can be equipped with a bicycle bottle that no other conventional bottle holder fits.

    Drop the competition, not bottles

    Our patented FIDLOCK TWIST system locks on and doesn't release until you want it to. With FIDLOCK, mid-ride hydration is easier than ever.

    Fit more in tight places

    The FIDLOCK TWIST system allows for larger hydration volume in tighter spaces on most frames. If your frame design makes hydration a struggle give FIDLOCK a try and improve your ride.

    Fidlock In The News


    "Most riders will judge Fidlock's twist-action magnetic water bottle mount as a significant improvement over the century-old slide-in bottle design. I used it on two bikes, one with limited clearance, and it was always a pleasure to operate. Aesthetically, Fidlock's system is better looking, and the lack of friction on the bottle keeps it like new. Great solution for any water bottle user - especially for frames with impaired bottle clearance." - Richard Cunningham, Pinkbike



    "Fidlock has seemingly cracked the code on cageless bottle security, there are the usual advantages to the format in general. For travel bikes, the low-profile base makes it easier to stuff an S&S or Ritchey Breakaway bike into an airline-legal case. And for cyclocross, it means you can have a bottle at the ready for training rides or warm-up laps, but then quickly ditch it without having to worry that an empty cage will snag your jersey. Trail riders on full-suspension bikes with limited clearance may find that the Twist allows them to carry more water than usual, too." - James Huang - Cyclingtips


    Enduro MTB

    "The Fidlock-system perfectly combines the advantages of magnetic- and snap-lock systems. Just by placing the bottle close to the frame-mounted bracket, the bottle will basically get sucked in by the holder. A loud clicking noise tells us the bottle is now safely locked in place. The system also seems to withstand rougher terrain and small jumps. The bottle can easily be removed with a twisting motion and put back in place simply by using the bracket’s magnetic attraction, even while riding." - Manne Schmitt, Enduro MTB