The TWIST Bottle + Base System provides you with the complete kit to mount your new Fidlock Hydration system to your desired location. Available in multiple bottle sizes, find your perfect fit using our bottle comparison and fit template page.

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TWIST Bottle 800 + Bike BaseTWIST Bottle 800 + Bike Base
TWIST Bottle 800 + Bike Base
Sale price$49.99
TWIST bottle 600 + bike baseTWIST bottle 600 + bike base
TWIST bottle 600 + bike base
Sale price$44.99
TWIST bottle 590 + bike baseTWIST bottle 590 + bike base
TWIST bottle 590 + bike base
Sale price$49.99
TWIST bottle 450 + bike baseTWIST bottle 450 + bike base
TWIST bottle 450 + bike base
Sale price$44.99
TWIST bottle 450 kids + bike baseTWIST bottle 450 kids + bike base
TWIST x KEEGO bottle 600 + bike baseTWIST x KEEGO bottle 600 + bike base
TWIST x KEEGO bottle 600 + bike base
Sale price$69.99
TWIST uni connector + bike baseTWIST uni connector + bike base
TWIST uni connector + bike base
Sale price$59.90
TWIST bottle 600 + uni baseTWIST bottle 600 + uni base
TWIST bottle 600 + uni base
Sale price$54.99



Our bases allow you to mount your TWIST accessories in a variety of locations providing easy hydration and storage during your ride.


Our TWIST bottles are available in a variety of sizes and compatible with every TWIST base. See all of the options now.


Our TWIST toolbox offers a secure and tidy way to keep your recovery gear safe and accessible for easy access when the going gets rough.

What People Are Saying

Great water bottle system. Easy to install, snaps right into place and looks more streamlined than a bottle cage