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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 48 reviews
    Bryce Day
    Ill never go back

    I have this bottle on all of my bikes. I have been using it for a year now and have zero complaints.

    I have talked all my friends into getting them and they feel the same way.

    I broke a bottle riding park and the warranty process was excellent.

    Daniel Williams
    Awesome system

    Finally found a system that won't launch the bottle off of my downtube.

    Fidlock system great, bottle ok

    The magnetic system is fantastic. Never fell off the bike, even when I did. So secure, looks fancy and great, easy to remove, 5/5 system. The bottle is my only complaint. I feel like the bottle is bare bones. If I could change anything I would make it bigger and have a better “nipple” to squirt the water out.

    Andrew Gustafson
    Love this bottle

    I have 2 of these bottle set ups and love it! I’ve gone off drops and jumps, crashed, and hauled the bike down the road and the bottle never lets go.

    I love the clean look and will make Fidlock my only bottle. Just wish they had some insulated bottles.

    John S.
    Bottle improvement

    I would've give it a 5 star, but No. Love the concept and Technology. Somewhat disappointed on the Bottle. Water Bottles like this should at least keep the water cool. I guess I am buying the strap for the bottle so I can use a different one that can hold the water temp for a while.