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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 4 reviews
    Omar Gill

    What more can I really say. The Fidlock system is just excellent. Don’t think I will ever go back to a regular bottle and cage.
    I purchased this to replace my larger 600 bottle which was slightly to big for my new bike.

    Edward Cheng

    Nice and compact enough to fit on my canyon spectral, i love that the bottle can also be replace when its worn out and no leak as well. Highly recommended.

    Kenneth Bolinsky
    Works like a charm!

    My original purchase was of the large bottle and it proved to be just a bit too tall for the seatback on my recumbent. As I'd already installed the base I figured it wasn't worth going through the hassle of removing and returning it so was happy to find that I could order just the smaller bottle and not the complete set. My only concern is that the material of the smaller bottle I received is thinner and more flexible than that of the larger bottle: Only time will tell if it's less durable. I love the connection system and I love the cap and valve - this is a winner!

    Tom and Diana Settle
    Get the magnetic connector when you buy the bottle

    I am not sure if they recently changed their website, but when looking to purchase this bottle, it now has a warning that you need to buy the connector when purchasing this bottle (you only get the bottle but no way to attach it) which is awesome since I did not see that when I purchased mine and was surprised when I got my bottle, and no way to attach it to my mount. I did order right away when i realized that I needed to buy the magnetic connector.I love the bottle and it fits nicely even with my piggy back shock on my Levo Sworks with an EXT shock. Bottle does not leak and I was jumping my bike as well as going over some really technical terrain all day and it NEVER RELEASED. Great product.