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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 6 reviews
    Very Versatile and Cool

    I've been a fan of fidlock's magnetic tech for awhile now and recently purchased a bike. I really love the "cool" factor of the magnetic mount and it just feels so satisfying to use. When you don't have anything mounted to it, I like that it's real clean and minimalist looking as well. As far as the universal boa system goes, I was worried about how it would work, but after trying to mount bottles of various sizes and riding around town a bit, I'm convinced that I won't be able to use a normal bottle cage! Try it out, you'll definitely be impressed.

    An Excellent Utilitarian Addition!

    What a phenomenal piece of equipment. It's durable. It's versatile. And, most importantly, it just works! I purchased one of these a while back more as a novelty than anything. I figured, "What the heck! Why not give it a go?" and now I can't go back to normal bottle cages. If you use your bicycle as your primary vehicle, this is the attachment for you. The BOA system allows you to attach any small item, be it rigid, compressible, or oblong onto your frame. And it comes off quick and easy to boot. More than anything, I'd describe the system as just plain useful. If you're having any doubts about picking one up, go ahead and take the plunge. You won't regret it.

    Surprisingly useful!

    I initially purchased this to give myself some flexibility for an extra bottle on long rides this summer, which it works great. But after a trip to the beach and an emergency visit to the liquor and grocery store, you can almost mount anything. 1/2 gal of milk - no problem. 1/5 of tequila - Muy bueno. Pint of Ben and Jerry's - Coffee Coffee Buzz Buzz

    best bottle cage ever

    You won't find a better mount setup than this. With the BOA system , it will securely hold almost anything you can fit in it. I'm very happy with my purchase


    I am one of those people that commute to work and rides their bicycle regardless of weather. I love attaching my Stanley thermos to the bicycle and drinking my coffee at red-lights and when I get to my destination. This has saved my cold morning commutes. I do not have to worry about losing my thermos or have to wait until I get to my destination in order to have hot coffee.