VACUUM stem-cap base for smartphone mounting
VACUUM stem-cap base for smartphone mounting
VACUUM stem-cap base for smartphone mounting
VACUUM stem-cap base for smartphone mounting

VACUUM stem-cap base for smartphone mounting

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The VACUUM phone mount uses a unique combination of a suction cup element and magnets to securely attach phones to your bike, but also to the car’s dashboard or the desk.  

The phone is easily positioned and connected to the mount through the magnetic guidance and the vacuum force keeps it securely locked. In case of a strong impact, the hold is additionally secured by the vacuum pressure created by the suction cup.
The centering of the smartphone is ensured by the magnetic force - thus the suction power is always guaranteed. The smartphone is released by simply pressing a lever on the side of the phone base.

Thanks to the ingeniously simple combination of magnetic force and vacuum pressure, the smartphone can be operated with one hand and is 360° rotatable, while a ratchet prevents it from rotating during the riding - even on rough trails!

The phone mounting system consists of a base (available for various applications) and a special, ultra-thin smartphone case with an embedded geometry.

The ahead cap mount consists of a special ahead cap which is screwed to the head tube. The base is then placed on the cap and is easily secured with a clamp using a knurled screw, or theft-proof with an Allen screw. The ahead cap base can thus be quickly removed when no smartphone is needed, while the plain cap remains screwed to the bike. 

- For installation on the ahead cap
- Fits all 1 1/8” threadless headsets
- No interference with electronics
- Fits all VACUUM smartphone cases

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Stable and Easy to Install!

Been through 2 other bike mounts and this is by far the best. Works exactly as described, easy to install, and will be getting more in the future for other bikes!

Phone isn't going anywhere

When on the mount, it's completely secure. I've ridden the chunkiest trails and phone stays on, and even on jump trails, same thing. You can't wireless charge, but no big deal. Case itself is also solid.

I also have fidlock bottles/mounts and they're just as secure.

Best phone mount ever

After 6 rides and 1 crash I would say this is the real deal, my phone never touch the ground. It stayed in place.

Alex Guell

This system works great. After 4 rides with several jumps, drops and bumps along the way I can assure you that your phone is not going anywhere. However, I have not crash tested this and really not looking forward to writing an update if I do crash. I went through 2 Quadlock handlebar mounts before deciding to try something new. I do like the Quadlock placement with the phone in front of the handlebars and out of the way but just doesn't seem to take the beating of 3 rides per week. The FidLock case attaches with 0 issues or fuzz every single time. You could almost toss it and the base will catch it. Highly Recommended

Awesome mount

Highly recommended. Holds the phone securely, easy to clip and remove.Is nice that you can rotate the orientation of the screen. Good tech!