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German engineered Fidlock is changing the game for athletes, outdoor enthusiasts, and anyone who needs to keep things safe and secure.

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  • Safety: The FIDLOCK principle combines the advantages of magnetic forces and mechanical latching closure. This makes it impossible for the clasp to open by accident, providing safety while biking.
  • Convenience: With FIDLOCK, there is no need for any tools when opening or closing the fastener. It can be easily operated with just one hand.
  • Design: FIDLOCK offers a stylish and elegant design that perfectly matches any bike accessory.

Our Hermetic dry bags offer a quick and easy solution to keep valuables safe while enjoying whatever environment you put them in.

Simply place your item in the bag, let go of the opening, and watch as the magnetic seal quickly locks and protects against moisture, dust and even the finest sand.

This is the “just-let-go principle” – the bags close immediately and automatically.

No manual locking, clicking, pushing, or snapping.

What consumers are saying

"This is perfect for my phone and key fob when I go fishing. The magnetic seal feels solid" - Reggie

"I gave this drybag as a gift to my dad who loves to kayak. The materials on this bag are top-notch and the magnetic seal is amazing! This is a much better product than his former finicky drybag." - Nick

The PUSH saddle bag combines an innovative design with a unique easiness in weight, style, and handling.

Thanks to the clever design, it fits underneath every saddle.

Simply bring together to the bag and the saddle base, and the magnetic-mechanical fastener will securely lock it.

What consumers are saying

"This bag is awesome! I have one for both my road bike and gravel bike. My gravel bike has switch out road wheels, so it is convenient to easily switch bags as well. If I do get a flat, the bag comes off making it easy to access the tools and spare tube. Great customer service as well." - Janet

"This is a fantastic bag. I ride mulitple bikes and I need to be able to transfer my saddle bag from one bike to another quickly. The Push Saddle bag does this easily, holds everything I need to hold, and looks great on the back of my bike. I am so happy with my Push Bag." - Richard