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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 29 reviews
    Samuel Trias
    Twist 590

    Excelent product well made
    Easy to install

    Ease to use and sticks like glue

    Best bottle attachment system available. It’s both easy to use during rides and stays attached through tough rides. Highly recommend.

    Imran Malik
    The Fastest in the West.

    There's no faster way to get a bottle on and off the bike. It's a good mix of secure and will pop off in case of accident, potentially preventing injury from a leg to a bottle cage. The bottles themselves are fantastic, and the cover is genius -- especially helpful for dusty gravel rides. Highly recommend.

    Travis LaGrone
    A fiddle-free locking water receptacle

    This thing is secure enough to stay put, yet easy enough to twist and release while riding. Placing the bottle back on it's base is a no-brainer. This version has the nipple cover, which keeps it clean while you ride, but some might find it tricky for one-handed opening while riding. Bottle squeezes easily so you can still squirt your mouth with a full face helmet. The contour of the bottle is nice. It cradles in your palm nicely, like an overweight pregnant squirrel, but you can maintain a good grip, as like what is needed while one-handed shaking a baby armadillo.

    Javier Gonzalez
    Exactly what I was looking for

    Low profile when the bottle is not mounted, bottle stays in place through gnar.

    Exactly what I needed, adding one to my dh and enduro bike for park laps.