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    Customer Reviews

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    Where have you been all my life?

    The 590+ fits my medium Evil Offering V1 frame with ease. It’s light and the magnets work so well, it’s like they take the bottle from my hand and place it where it belongs. Super easy to remove with one hand while “on the fly”. If you don’t know this phrase I’m old I guess.


    I was riding with a friend and saw theirs. It is in fact way sleeker secure and easier to use!

    Not large enough, but great overall.

    This system looks so clean and holds the bottle extremely well. The dirt cover seems a bit cheap, but gets the job done. I was a little worried it would be difficult to use while riding, but it is really simple to use. Only issues; the water is a little difficult to get out when it is about 2/3 empty, and the largest available bottle is small. I would love to see larger bottle options. I feel like this company listens to feedback, and I will continue to use and test their products before I try others.


    I really like the ease of access and how easy it is to reinsert on the mount. The dust cap is a gamechanger for those gravel rides, really like having a clean spout when I grab a drink.
    The only problem which is really not a big deal is the bottle size of 20oz. vs. my 24 oz. bottles I have used in the past, I lose 8 ounces between the 2 bottles I typically carry.
    The look is unmatched and could not be happier with my purchase.

    Not what I expected

    Ordered the new model of Fidlock twist 590 to mount to the down tube of my MTB. Hoping this would be the solution of staying hydrated during shorter rides where a hydration pack is unnecessary. In theory it is a great idea. But in real world applications it fails. Although the new design with cap keeps dirt off of the spout, the bottle becomes very dirty and disgusting while riding. I imagine the bottle will not last long, only time will tell. The bottle capacity is only enough for a 30 minute ride at most. And as the previous version it is difficult to squeeze and get a good flow once it gets to half full. Overall looks cool and fits perfect but the functionality of the product is underwhelming. I will be searching for alternatives and suggest you do the same. Not worth the $50.00.