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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 46 reviews
    Fidlock system great, bottle ok

    The magnetic system is fantastic. Never fell off the bike, even when I did. So secure, looks fancy and great, easy to remove, 5/5 system. The bottle is my only complaint. I feel like the bottle is bare bones. If I could change anything I would make it bigger and have a better “nipple” to squirt the water out.

    Andrew Gustafson
    Love this bottle

    I have 2 of these bottle set ups and love it! I’ve gone off drops and jumps, crashed, and hauled the bike down the road and the bottle never lets go.

    I love the clean look and will make Fidlock my only bottle. Just wish they had some insulated bottles.

    John S.
    Bottle improvement

    I would've give it a 5 star, but No. Love the concept and Technology. Somewhat disappointed on the Bottle. Water Bottles like this should at least keep the water cool. I guess I am buying the strap for the bottle so I can use a different one that can hold the water temp for a while.

    Mike Skorut
    Better lid!

    I've lost bottles in cage attachments on rough sections but never with Fidlock is secure and reliable.
    The new bottle top is good improvement over old fully plastic valve that wears out.

    Enrique Palacios

    Money well expend!! just stays put, no rattle, no worries at all
    Very happy with it