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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 10 reviews
    Marino Infante
    Simply The Best!

    Purchased the smoke 590 and also have the smoke 450 as well. Both have their own purpose. For instance, the I use the 450 if I am well hydrated already and going on a quick 3-4 mile sprint. The 590 I take on longer rides that are closer to 8-10 miles. It’s easy to switch between the two sizes with the locking mech on the bottle. I prefer to use a hex key instead of a flat head screw driver but to each he’s own. The functionality on removing and setting the bottle back on the bike is simple and intuitive. I used the available print out of the bottle sizes to insure that they fit my NS Snabb E enduro MTB. Thanks Fidlock

    luke BRANHAM
    Great bottle for tight spaces

    I purchased this bottle as my revel Rascal had limited space with my pump mounted to the frame and I wanted the option of running a fidlock bottle bigger than the 450. This fit like a charm. Great bottle and mount

    Isaac HAUPT
    Just a hair too big

    I love the bottle, and it is my second one to add to the 450 bottle I already had. Unfortunately it is just a little too large to fit on my bike. If the lid would lock in perpendicular to the magnet instead of in line with it, I think it would work. I still carry it in my jersey and with the sealing lid I stay dry!

    Santana Lor
    Great new design!

    I've been using fidlock bottles for the last 3 years. Love the new design and top.

    Flavius Micula

    I didn’t think it would be too different from the last bottle but it is! Both are awesome but I love how you can squeeze this one and the cap over the mouth piece! Would buy again! Do it!