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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 12 reviews
    Jeff Emrich
    Works great.

    I'm back leaving another review. My zipper finally failed and Fidlock stood behind their product and replaced it under warranty. I love this system and will continue to use fidlock in the future. Great product, great company.

    Jeff Emrich
    Great toolbox

    I've had this tool box on either my MTB or my adventure bike now for almost two years and it's been great, mostly. My only complaint it the not so great zipper. It seems too small and sticks a lot. Mine has actually stopped closing all the way but I have no work of it opening accidentally. I do love that it can easily swap from bike to bike and man does this thing stay put ! Believe me, if it hasn't come off my bike. It won't come off yours. This system is amazing.

    Daniel Plasters
    Good Concept

    I like the item and think the concept, but the price is steep, and the zipper can be annoying.

    I enjoy the tool-box, it is fit for the purpose and the storage compartments keep things from rattling around, but from a cost perspective you can accomplish the same thing for a lot less by just using the 600ML waterbottle and stuffing in an extra rag to keep things from rattling. I can't help but feel that a more cylinder concept would likely be cheaper and accomplish everything the same and it would avoid:

    The zipper - depending on how it happens to fall and bumps etc as well as the width of your pedal cranks it is possible for the zipper to get your leg - annoying.

    Tom and Diana Settle
    High Quality Worth the Price

    While I thought initially that the price was a bit much, after receiving I found that it is a better bag/pouch than any others I have got and had to cram into a water bottle cage. I really like the fact that I can just pull the whole bag off and take it to my shop to fill it. It has never released when I did not want it to and I jump my bike a lot. The magnetic connection is genius. Once I saw how nice this was, I bought two bottles and the string wrap holder as well.

    Excellent mount, inefficient toolbox

    The mount is great and requires the firm rotation to release the toolbox from the mount. The toolbox is just enough to fit a spare tube, tire levers, and a multitool, but the back half of the case is mostly used up by the mounting base. This can fit an iPhone XR if there's nothing else inside by wedging it in the center along the zipper. The zipper has high resistance but is not waterproof.