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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Good but could be better

    Great idea but it’s small . The bottles are perfect! But the case can’t fit a full size mtb bike tube. You can fit some tools . Idk it could be better?

    Love the mount, dislike the toolbox

    I love the fidlock system, it's such a great design for holding things secure on my bike.
    What I don't like is the layout of the toolbox, one side has a half mesh, but the other has a big blocker plate that wastes a huge amount of volume. I much prefer the design of the bottle pod, where one side is half mesh and the other is full mesh with a zipper, this allows me to use every bit of volume, where as with the plate with straps wastes a large amount of space.

    Additional issue from previous review

    This is also a bit too thick. If it was a tiny bit thinner and fit my phone, car key, tire lever and bacon strips, it would be perfect. I bought another bag and am mounting the fidlock system on that bag for now. I still think this is a brilliant idea.

    Getting There...

    I was hoping that I could ride without a bag with this. I am down to a light hip pack. This still won't hold my phone. I keep my car key, multi tool, bacon strips and tire levers in there. If it would hold my phone, it would be perfect. I bought a bike with 2 water bottle mounts on purpose to use this and I'm a little disappointed, but if one comes out that can fit my giant phone (Note 20 Ultra) with the other essentials then I will buy it immediately.

    Great concept!

    Really like the concept. Whether bottle or toolbox, it's fast and effective but it is also fun to use.